AMSA 554

Survey of vessels fitted with low density flotation material


Surveyors – use this report to record initial and annual verifications of Low Density Flotation Material (LDFM) fitted to a domestic commercial vessel. 

Submitting the form 

Submit the completed form to the MARS system with the relevant survey code and keep a copy for your records.

You do not need to provide a copy of this report to the vessel's owner.

For instructions on using the MARS system see the user guide.

More information 

Italicised text indicates the applicable clause(s) of NSCV Subsection C6B. For further information and guidance refer to the National Law - Marine Surveyors Accreditation Guidance Manual 2014 and DCV-ITS-017 (PDF 396.21 KB).

Last Updated: 

8 May 2023