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  • AMSA 579

    You can use this form to apply for a non-survey permit under Marine Safety (Certificates of survey) Exemption (also known as Exemption 02 or EX02) instead of applying for a...

    Published 10/08/2017

    Last updated 03/08/2020

  • AMSA 504

    You can use this form to:

    apply for a certificate of operation
    renew an existing certificate of operation where you are not making any changes to the existing certificate...

    Published 10/08/2017

    Last updated 03/08/2020

  • AMSA 771

    This form can be used as evidence of sea service accrual as part of an application for a certificate of competency issued under National Law.

    When to complete this form...

    Published 11/08/2017

    Last updated 10/08/2020

  • AMSA 1057B

    To purchase the GMDSS radio log book, GMDSS handbook, or the Dangerous, hazardous and harmful cargoes handbook—download and complete our chargeable publications order form below...

    Published 13/08/2018

    Last updated 22/09/2020

  • AMSA 1057A

    Purchase using our online ordering system.

    Record books and log books

    AMSA 227—Cargo record book A$4
    AMSA 228—Oil record book part 1 A$4
    AMSA 229—Oil...

    Published 15/08/2017

    Last updated 22/09/2020