Indexed lists of agency files (Harradine report)

Indexed list of relevant files arranged every six months to give to Parliament and publish on our website.

The Harradine list is an indexed list of files that relate to policy advice, the development of legislation and matters of public administration. They do not relate to individual clients, staff or personal matters or files transferred to the National Archives of Australia.

The list is created every six months.

Words which would reveal confidential, personal, or national security matters have been removed from the titles. Words deleted have been replaced with a series of X's (eg XXXXX).

File lists

Why we publish this report

On 14 November 1994, the Senate agreed to a motion by Senator Harradine requiring all Australian Government departments and agencies to produce an indexed list of files every six months for tabling before parliament. The list makes the operations of government clearer to the Australian public.

The Senate Order was amended in 1998 to require all government departments and agencies to list these files on their website.

Last updated: 22 February 2024