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Port Stanvac, 28 June 1999

On the morning 28 June 1999, a discharge occurred from an offshore loading connection to the Mobil Port Stanvac Refinery in South Australia.

Approximately 230 tonnes of Oman crude was discharged 2 nautical miles offshore. The Ports Corporation of South Australia was the lead agency of the response.

The fixed-wing aerial dispersant contract was activated by AMSA at the request of the South Australian authorities and Mobil. The application of the dispersant on the first two days of the incident was successful and resulted in a major part of the slick being dispersed. Some of the oil did impact approximately 800 metres of foreshore near Sellick's Beach boat ramp. The impact was described as light and a manual clean-up was undertaken.


An incident analysis team was formed to analyse the response to the spill.

The response to the Port Stanvac oil spill PDF341.5 KB details the cause of the spill and the clean-up response.

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