Garbage management

It is mandatory under Australian law for certain vessels and fixed or floating platforms to carry a garbage management plan, display placards and maintain a garbage record book.

Your vessel or fixed or floating platform may be subject to inspection by state, territory, or Commonwealth officials to check that you have a garbage management plan, display placards and maintain a garbage record book, where applicable.

What is garbage?

Australia implements the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL) Annex V -Regulations for the prevention of pollution by garbage from ships. Under Annex V, garbage means all kinds of food wastes, domestic wastes, operational wastes, all plastics, cargo residues, incinerators ashes, cooking oil, fishing gear and animal carcasses generated during the normal operation of the ship and liable to be disposed of continuously or periodically. It does not include substances which are defined or listed in other Annexes to MARPOL, such as oil. Annex V prohibits the discharge of garbage into the sea.

Garbage does not include fresh fish and parts generated from fishing activities undertaken during the voyage, or as a result of aquaculture activities which involve the transport of fish, including shellfish, for placement in the aquaculture facility or for processing onshore.

Check your requirements

Please visit the below pages to determine the garbage management requirements that apply to you: 

Last updated: 9 May 2023