Give feedback on fishing gear marking and reporting

We welcome your views to help Australia shape new international requirements.

We prepare Australia's position in the lead-up to all IMO meetings through consultation with industry, government agencies and other stakeholders. We do this through information sessions, email consultation and round table discussions.  

We want Australia's position to be as robust and informed as possible. Your input and advice can help us:

  • shape Australia's position on the details of the IMO requirements
  • inform Australia's implementation of the new requirements once adopted by the IMO.  

Past consultations on fishing gear reporting and marking

We undertook consultation from 28 November 2022 to 29 January 2023 on this issue.  

Read the report from the previous consultation.

Upcoming industry consultation  

We'll be holding round table discussions on the IMO's fishing gear requirements as these progress and notify our contact list of upcoming meetings. 

Email to join our contact list. We'll invite you to our round table discussions and let you know about other upcoming consultations and activities.