National Environmental Maritime Operations

National Environmental Maritime Operations (NEMO) is an incident management system used to manage and monitor national maritime environmental emergencies.

NEMO is our cloud-based customisable incident management system, designed to manage and monitor all national pollution and maritime casualty incidents.

Information is captured from multiple sources and in a variety of formats to provide a real time common operating picture during maritime environmental emergencies.

It delivers information management and decision support tools which assist during National Plan activations.

NEMO also provides an asset management system for the management, maintenance and tracking of National Plan equipment and dispersants.

Operational portal

Marine pollution response personnel, including the national response team and maritime casualty officers, access NEMO via the operations portal NEMO—operational portal.

Public equipment portal

The availability and location of National Plan pollution response resources, such as equipment, dispersant and fixed wing aircraft, is accessible via the public portal .

Contractor portal

Contractor access and spill trajectory modelling service requests are provided via the contractor portal NEMO—contractor portal.

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Last updated: 9 November 2020