Consultation—draft Marine Order 31 (SOLAS and vessel safety certification) 2019

Consultation on marine order 31 is closed.

Consultation on marine order 31 is closed.

Marine order 31 provides the requirements for survey, certification and maintenance of certification of vessels. The order gives effect to chapters I and VIII of SOLAS and applies to regulated Australian vessels, government vessels and foreign vessels.

Key changes

The new order will replace Marine Order 31 (Vessel surveys and certification) 2015 and Marine Order 62 (Government vessels) 2003.

The main changes are:

  • Combine marine orders 31 and 62 into one new instrument and the repeal of marine order 62.
  • Provide the option for an approved management plan instead of a full survey and certification for vessels under 10 metres in length.
  • Provide various options for dry-dock and in-water inspections, including the interval between consecutive dry-docking.
  • Apply HSSC Guidelines to survey and inspection of non-SOLAS certification.
  • Allow a 5 year duration of non-SOLAS certificate for vessels with dual certification as a passenger and cargo vessel.

It is intended that the new marine order will commence on 1 October 2019.

Consultation papers

Last updated: 13 September 2023