Feedback on the 2020-21 Cost Recovery Implementation Statement stakeholder engagement

We invite your feedback on AMSA’s consultative 2020-21 Cost Recovery Implementation Statement (CRIS).

Your feedback is requested to help us understand your views on current cost recovery arrangements. This will also inform future consultative activities for cost recovery, used for the upcoming national system for domestic commercial vessel safety review in 2020-21.

Submissions closed 28 June 2020


Feedback has been requested from a selected group of advisory committees, industry bodies, and associations who have an interest in AMSA’s cost recovery arrangements.


The consultative CRIS provides information on the application of cost recovery activities, including financial and non-financial performance measures. It contains financial estimates for current (2019-20), budget (2020-21), and three forward year estimates (2021-22 to 2023-24).

AMSA recovers costs through cost-recovered levies and fees for the:

  • provision of maritime navigational infrastructure and regulation to support safe ship navigation in Australian waters (excluding within port boundaries),
  • environmental marine protection, prevention, and combativeness,
  • seafarer and ship safety (primarily under Navigation Act 2012),
  • ship registration,
  • marine services under Navigation Act 2012, and
  • domestic commercial vessel safety marine services.

This CRIS does not cover domestic commercial vessel safety regulatory activities, currently funded by a combination of Commonwealth government funding and contributions from State government jurisdictions. Given the upcoming review of service delivery, operating costs, and funding options of the National System, it is not possible to comment on or accurately predict the level of cost recovery for this regulatory activity.

We request stakeholders to provide feedback and comments on the consultative 2020-21 CRIS, as well as existing cost recovery arrangements. Any feedback will be included in the final published CRIS, expected to be uploaded onto this website in early July 2020.


Submissions can be made anytime until Sunday, 28 June 2020.

Making a submission

Read the draft 2020-21 Cost Recovery Implementation Statement (PDF 746 KB) DOCX745.18 KB

Last updated: 29 June 2020