August 2023 marine incident report and monthly safety lesson

Thursday 28 September 2023

There were 78 reported incidents involving domestic commercial vessels in August.

Infographic data for August marine incident report. 78 incidents. 23 serious.

August 2023 incident report

A crew member was momentarily crushed and required a medical evacuation, and a vessel collided with a bridge. These are just some of the occurrences included in the latest incident report.

During August 2023, there were 78 reported incidents involving domestic commercial vessels. Of these, 23 were serious.

Read the latest incident report.

Monthly safety lesson

Crew member overboard incident compounded by lack of lifejacket wear risk assessment

This month’s safety lesson report highlights the importance of implementing and maintaining a safety management system that ensures the safe operation of your vessel and protects the safety of your crew.

Read the monthly safety lesson.

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