Boating insights podcast with Linda Berryman - EPIRBs and PLBs

Thursday 17 August 2023
Listen to Linda Berryman talk maritime safety on the Boating Insights podcast.

In the latest episode of the Boating Insights podcast, our beacon expert Linda Berryman talks with Above and Beyond Boating about FAQs on EPIRBs and PLBs, and most significant advancements in 406 MhZ beacons since they first became available back in the late 80s.

Key topics discussed include: 

  • Why you may need a MMSI and transferring MMSI information 
  • Beacon registration 
  • Advancements in distress beacons, including AIS-equipped EPIRBS and PLBs and return link service (RLS) 
  • Contacting the AMSA response centre in a person overboard situation to get beacon position details 
  • How to update your trip details in your beacon registration information 
  • Which beacon to activate in an emergency 
  • Disposal of expired safety equipment 
  • Two-way communication in a distress situation and beacon activation 
  • Keeping your beacon registration details up to date. 

Don’t miss out on this important discussion.

Listen now: Boating Insights Podcast 2023 - 2024 Above & Beyond Boating.

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