Have your say on standards for safety equipment carriage on domestic commercial vessels

Wednesday 4 October 2023
We want to know what you think about proposed changes to standards for the carriage of safety equipment on domestic commercial vessels.

Having the right safety equipment on board your vessel ensures better safety for your crew and passengers.    

These requirements are contained in Part C7A of the National Standard for Commercial Vessels (NSCV).  

AMSA is updating the standard to ensure that people can benefit from:  

  • recent advances in safety equipment technology  
  • alignment with updated Australian and international standards  
  • lessons learnt through industry experience.  

The proposed new edition makes it easier for you to have the correct safety equipment, with improvements including:  

  • new compliance options for some safety equipment  
  • clarity on several issues raised by industry  
  • simpler format  
  • plain language explanations.  

We are proposing a two year transitional period to assist operators who may need to update some items of safety equipment. We anticipate the new NSCV C7A will come into effect after January 2025.  

Learn more about the proposed changes and tell us what you think on our consultation hub until midnight on 27 November 2023. 

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