March 2023 marine incident report and monthly safety lesson

Wednesday 26 April 2023
There were 90 reported incidents involving domestic commercial vessels this month.
Incident report banner image March 2023 - 90 incidents reports, 27 serious, 2 very serious

March 2023 incident report

A jet ski collided at high speed with an anchored tender vessel and a fire broke out in another vessel's engine room. These are just some of the events included in the latest incident report.   

During March 2023, there were 90 reported incidents involving domestic commercial vessels. Of these, 27 were serious and 2 were very serious. 
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Monthly safety lesson

Poor risk assessment of river entrance bar crossing results in near misses with surfers. 

This month's safety lesson report demonstrates the importance of performing and documenting effective risk assessments to ensure the safety of people on and near vessels. 

Every month we share an overview of a domestic commercial vessel incident investigation and the safety lesson you can learn to ensure safe operations on board your vessel. 

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