National Maritime WHS Regulators Forum

Friday 17 May 2024
Maritime WHS Regulators Forum

The National Maritime Work Health and Safety (WHS) Regulators Forum, which collaborates towards improving  work health and safety outcomes on domestic commercial vessels (DCVs), recently met to discuss WHS priorities across the sector. 

Of particular focus was the need for guidance on the safe transportation of dangerous goods on DCVs and discussing the requirements that apply under both WHS laws and the National Law that apply to DCVs used diving operations.  

Created in 2019, the Forum consists of representatives from AMSA, state and territory WHS regulators, and the national policy body for WHS, Safe Work Australia. 

At the meeting the Forum also reaffirmed its commitment to improving marine safety outcomes on DCVs with a joint Memorandum of Understanding between AMSA and WHS regulators, in addition to a new Terms of Reference for the Forum. 

WHS Forum Chair and Principal Advisor Domestic Safety at AMSA, Ms Shontelle Chamtaprieo, is pleased with the outcome. 

‘The continued commitment of AMSA and WHS regulators underscores the Forum's dedication to fostering a culture of safety and responsibility in domestic commercial maritime operations, from both a maritime safety and work health and safety perspective,’ she said. 

‘Collaboration across the WHS sector ensures requirements that apply to DCVs under both laws are consistently applied, which will ultimately makes it easier for industry to know what they need to do to comply.’ 

The Maritime WHS Forum meets in April and October of each year to continue collaborate on WHS issues in the maritime industry. 

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