New exemption for class 4 houseboat operators

Friday 7 June 2024
We have put in place a new exemption allowing masters and crew of class 4 houseboats up to 24 metres in length to perform certain activities when not on hire, providing they hold at least a Coxswain Grade 3 certificate of competency and meet other conditions under the exemption.
House boats in still water

Exemption 48 - Marine Safety (Houseboats) Exemption 2024 exempts masters and crew from the competency requirements under Marine Order 504 – Certificates of operation and operation requirements (MO504) and Marine Order 505 – Certificates of competency when operating the vessel without hirers onboard for the purposes of:

  • relocating the vessel within a marina
  • maintenance or survey
  • pump out of sewage
  • refuelling or
  • delivery or retrieval of the vessel.

A person is permitted to perform these tasks if they:

  • hold a certificate of competency that is at least a Coxswain Grade 3 Near Coastal
  • have received an onboard induction, familiarisation and training for the vessel in accordance with MO504
  • only operate the vessel during daylight hours
  • only operate the vessel in E waters
  • only operate the vessel without passengers on board.

These conditions will provide greater flexibility for operators and crew, while still considering the risks involved.

Operators do not need to apply for the exemption. Find out more about the exemption for class 4 houseboat operators.

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