New Marine Order 12 in effect 1 January 2024

Monday 18 December 2023
Following public consultation earlier this year, a revised Marine Order 12 (Construction — subdivision and stability, machinery and electrical installations) will take effect on 1 January.

We ran a public consultation to seek feedback on the proposed changes to Marine Order 12 between July and September 2023. We received one submission, outlined in the consultation feedback report, along with our response.

The new marine order contains the following key changes:

  • New requirement to have ship-specific towing and mooring arrangements plans and keep them on board for the Master’s reference
  • New requirement for regulated Australian vessels that are under 24m in Load Line Length and constructed on, or after 1 January 2024, to comply with watertight and weathertight integrity standards in the National Standard for Commercial Vessels
  • Updated references to provisions of SOLAS relating to openings in watertight bulkheads 
  • Reformatting to reflect current drafting style and updated definitions. 

Read the new Marine Order 12.

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