September 2023 marine incident report and monthly safety lesson

Thursday 26 October 2023
There were 84 reported incidents involving domestic commercial vessels in September.
Incident report September 2023 - 84 incidents reported, 23 serious

September 2023 incident report 

A vessel lost a propeller while conducting a tour, and another caught alight while unattended at berth. These are some of the occurrences included in the latest incident report.   

During September 2023, there were 84 reported incidents involving domestic commercial vessels. Of these, 23 were serious. 

Read the latest incident report.

Monthly safety lesson 

Passenger vessel flooded after access door was left open 
This month’s safety lesson report highlights the importance of ensuring all crew, including new employees, are provided appropriate training on a vessel’s safety management system, and understand the practical application and their responsibilities.  
Read the monthly safety lesson. 

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