Supporting seafarers to care for the seas

Sunday 25 June 2023
Today is the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) Day of the Seafarer and we are proud to support and celebrate the important work of seafarers around the world.
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The theme for this year’s Day of the Seafarer is seafarers’ contribution to protecting the marine environment. This is in line with the 2023 World Maritime theme of "MARPOL at 50 – Our commitment goes on" and drawing attention to seafarers' contribution to protecting the marine environment. MARPOL is the main international convention for preventing pollution from ships.  

Seafarers have a frontline role in implementing MARPOL and protecting our marine environment. They do this by ensuring efficient ship operations and effective onboard waste management, and through sustainable fishing practices.  On Day of the Seafarer, we pause to recognise their hard work and the important role seafarers play. 

As Australia's national maritime safety regulator, we are responsible for protecting the marine environment from ship-sourced pollution. This is not possible without the support and effort of seafarers.  

Preventing marine pollution is a priority for AMSA. We support the work of seafarers to protect the marine environment by: 

  • negotiating and implementing international conventions covering the prevention of pollution from ships
  • inspecting vessels to ensure they comply with national and international pollution prevention regulations, and  
  • by responding to pollution incidents.   

AMSA continues to focus on delivering its vision of safe and clean seas, saving lives, and we cannot achieve this vision without the support and effort of others, particularly seafarers.  

You can hear our CEO, Mick Kinley speaking about the importance of seafarers in relation to AMSA’s work to protect the marine environment. 

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