Stockpile equipment

We maintain nine strategic equipment stockpiles of marine pollution response equipment around the Australian coastline.

During the 2017-18 reporting period the following equipment was procured:

  • NOFI Current Buster (Adelaide)
  • Upgraded all other 8 NOFI Current Buster nets to improved floating net (all stockpiles)
  • Eight (8) Decontamination/Hygiene stations (Fremantle, Karratha, Sydney and Townsville)
  • Hardstand storage (flexidams and Fastanks) (all stockpiles)
  • 100kg anchor kits to support offshore boom operations (Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Devonport, Melbourne)
  • Replacement of self-inflating and shoreline boom (all stockpiles)
  • Wildlife container (Tasmania)
  • 50T Lamor skimmer, post Kea Trader (Sydney)
  • 101 tons of dispersant (all stockpiles).

Modifications were also made to the asset management system within the National Environmental Maritime Operations (NEMO). The changes are expected to assist with better management of dispersant and people assets. This includes the ability to assign dispersant to an incident and to ensure there is no duplication of personal details (contact cards).

Last updated: 

Monday 9 November 2020