Our reconciliation journey

Learn about the steps we’re taking in support of reconciliation.

Reconciliation Action Plans

Our Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPs) provide us with an integrated strategy for mutually beneficial and respectful relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

We recognise that caring for Country includes the marine environment. Our vision of ‘safe and clean seas, saving lives’ aligns with the important roles that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples already undertake in caring for our sea, coasts, and air.

RAPs formalise our commitment in contributing to an equitable and reconciled Australia.

We aligned the 5 dimensions to reconciliation:

  • historical acceptance
  • race relations
  • equality and equity
  • institutional integrity
  • unity 

with our own vision, mission, values and aspirations.

In this process, we identified many shared benefits in undertaking a reconciliation journey for us and First Nations people.

Our RAP journey

At AMSA, every voice matters.

Every experience adds depth, and together, we are charting a course that acknowledges where we’ve been, understands where we are, and knows where we want to be, in the spirit of reconciliation. The waters of the past cleanse our path, and the waves of the future propel us forward.

Launched July 2022
Reflect 2022–2024

We formalised our reconciliation journey with the launch of our Reflect RAP in July 2022. 

We recognise that to achieve and promote a culture of safety within all stakeholders in the maritime industry, we need to engage, listen, and learn from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities.

Read our Reflect RAP 2022-2024 to learn more about our journey and what we accomplished.

Launching July 2024
Innovate 2024–2026

As we continue our reconciliation journey, we look towards our second RAP—Innovate.

Our Reconciliation Working Group (RWG) developed our Innovate RAP which will strengthen, test, and establish our progressive approach for advancing reconciliation. 

It is a 2-year action plan that will further guide and refine our reconciliation journey for the shared benefit of our organisation and First Nations peoples during 2024–2026.

Our Innovate RAP will be our public commitment to continuing our journey to reconciliation and will be published on Reconciliation Australia's website upon receiving their endorsement.

For more information about Australian Government Indigenous programs and initiatives, visit the National Indigenous Australians Agency website.