Approval of registered training organisations as final assessors

How to become an AMSA approved final assessor for certificates of competency.
AMSA 132
24 September 2018

This information is for registered training organisations (RTOs). It includes information about how to become an AMSA approved final assessor for certificates of competency issued under the national law. More technical detail is available in the attached document.

We may:

  • approve an RTO as a final assessor.
  • approve an RTO as a final assessor subject to conditions.
  • suspend, vary or revoke the approval of a RTO as a final assessor.


An RTO can apply for:

  • approval to be a final assessor.
  • variation to an existing approval.

An application for an approval, or variation of an approval, must be in writing using the Application for approval as a final assessor.

Criteria for approval of an RTO as a final assessor

An RTO may be approved as a final assessor only if:

  • It is registered with one of the three vocational education and training (VET) regulators to deliver an MAR Maritime training package qualification.
  • It is not in liquidation or insolvency administration.
  • You have told us about the kind of assessment the RTO will deliver.
  • The assessment the RTO delivers complies with the Standards for RTOs.
  • The RTO has a documented assessment strategy that will be followed for all AMPA assessments.
  • You have told us about any proposed partnership or subcontracting arrangements for the conduct of AMPAs on your behalf.
  • Each person who is to conduct AMPA assessments is named on  the RTO’s Certificate of approval as a final assessor.
  • Each person who is to deliver assessments holds, as a minimum:
    • A current near coastal certificate of competency at the same level as the qualification being assessed with at least 12 months’ relevant sea service; or
    • A relevant seafarer certificate, as master, engineer or deck officer, issued under the Navigation Act 2012.
    • An AQF qualification as required in the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015.
    • Attended the AMSA presentation or has been instructed by a person who has attended the AMSA presentation or successfully completed the AMSA e-learning module.

General conditions on approval of final assessors

It is a condition of approval of a final assessor that the organisation comply with the criteria above and also:

  • Have processes in place to ensure the RTO’s assessors continue to develop their vocational education and training knowledge and skills and maintain the currency of their industry skills.
  • Not advertise the training and assessments conducted as being endorsed or approved in any way by us.
  • Cooperate with any investigation of the RTO by us.
  • Give us any information we request for an investigation.
  • Comply with any corrective action recommended by us after an investigation within the timeframe agreed
  • Advise us of any change in the method of delivery of assessment that may require a change to be made to the RTO’s Certificate of approval.
  • Comply with any further condition imposed on the approval by us.

Term of approvals

An approval comes into force on the date given on the RTO’s certificate of approval and expires on 31 March 2019. This is to allow time for RTOs to put systems in place and have them operating efficiently and effectively. Prior to the expiry date AMSA will be evaluating the performance of each RTO. Provided the RTO is meeting the criteria and conditions, and no issues have been raised, the RTO may then be approved for three years or a lesser period if deemed necessary by the National Regulator.

Criteria for issue, suspension or revocation of approval

We may refuse approval, or suspend or revoke the approval of an organisation if:

  • A criteria or a condition of approval is not met.
  • Any further condition imposed on the approval by us is not met.
  • A partnership or subcontracting arrangement is not been approved by us.
  • We change our policies for the approval of final assessors.

AMSA can revoke an approval of an RTO or any of their assessors.

Three strike rule:

  1. If an issue arises the RTO will be notified of the issue and requested to investigate and take remedial action
  2. If the same issue arises a second time AMSA will investigate and specify remedial action to be taken by the RTO.
  3. If the issue arises for a third time approval of the assessor(s) involved will be revoked. If the problem is deemed to be systemic approval of the RTO as a whole will be revoked.

You can request a review of our decision about your application if you are not satisfied or would like more information.

Your request for review should be in writing, must clearly request an internal review and must be submitted within 90 days after notification of our decision. You should also include any additional material that may be relevant. We must advise you in writing of our review decision no later than 28 days after the application was received for review.

Our decision in relation to an application is reviewable directly by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal in accordance with section 33 of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal Act 1975 (the AAT Act).

Subject to the AAT Act, application for review of this decision (including the conditions imposed on your certificate) may be made to the Australian Tribunal.

You may apply in accordance with section 28 of the AAT Act for a statement in writing setting out the findings on material questions of fact, referring to the evidence or other material on which those findings were based, and giving reasons for the decision. Read more about the AAT Act, or call 1300 366 700.

Approved final assessor database

A list of RTOs that are approved as final assessors is available. The list includes the RTO name, which certificates they can conduct AMPAs for, and a link to their website.

Case study

To be approved as an assessor for Coxswain Grade 1 and 2 AMPAs a person must, hold one of the following:

  • a current unrestricted coxswain certificate of competency; or
  • a deck and an engineering certificate of competency, at least one of which is current; or
  • a current deck or engineering certificate of competency and an expired coxswain certificate of competency; or
  • a seafarer certificate, as master or deck officer, issued under the Navigation Act 2012.


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17 December 2018