Pollution response

An online learning program providing an awareness of how AMSA combats pollution in the marine environment.

National Plan for Maritime Environmental Emergencies: Pollution response

The following training is provided to help manage pollution response capabilities under Australia’s National Plan for Maritime Environmental Emergencies

Module 1: Introduction to National Plan and incident management

This module introduces the National Plan, its legislation and funding principles. It will help learners to identify the various divisions of responsibility and the National Plan management structure. The module provides an understanding of appropriate response methods, oil spill response tools and strategies.

Module 2: Introduction to oil spills

This module will assist learners to understand and define different types of oil, how oil spills are responded to effectively and efficiently, how response priorities are determined, and how to report ship sourced pollution.

Module 3: Health and safety in an oil spill

This module identifies the key safety regulations relevant to your State or Territory. It outlines the potential hazards and risks when working with oil and helps you to identify the inclusions of a health and safety plan for your site. Learners will understand the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) when responding to an incident.

Module 4: Introduction to chemical spills

This module will assist learners to recognise chemical incidents and hazards. Learners will understand how to assess chemical spills, and will be able to identify chemical spill response methods.

Aerial identification and the observation of oil on water 

This module is for responders who may be required to act as an integral part of an aircrew to investigate and report on oil spilt on water. 

Financial and cost recovery arrangements 

This model provides learners with a general overview of International Conventions, it explores the claims and limits of liability and responsibilities for pollution and outlines the various types of ship insurance and how it applies to major incidents. The module also outlines how the National Plan affects and is applied to marine incidents at the time of the event, types of admissible claims, and post-spill actions. 

Last updated: 30 March 2023