How registered training organisations use task books

If you are an assessor from a registered training organisation (RTO) in Australia, you can validate entries in a task book if you need third party evidence of the competence of a student.

Our task books are based on the MAR Maritime Training Package and may be used by you, together with other criteria, as third party evidence to evaluate the competence of a student. If this is the case, you must validate the entries in the task book and sign off task book completion before the candidate is deemed competent and a certificate or diploma is issued. The task book does not cover all performance and assessment criteria specified in the MAR Maritime Training Package.

You may not sign off tasks as part of the training program except when approved by us.

You may, however, help a seafarer gain access to commercial vessels and equipment through industry partnerships, or provide an opportunity for task book completion on your training vessels or in your workshop where that opportunity is independent of formal training activities.

Task book completion check

Once a seafarer has completed their task book, a representative of a registered training organisation or the final assessor must sign in the front of the book to verify that it has been completed to the extent possible. 

Section 3 of the task book contains details of the seafarer’s vessels, including their operation and equipment, that you should use to assess whether the level of completion is appropriate.

Anything less than 100 per cent completion is only acceptable where it was not possible for the seafarer to complete all tasks.

You must not sign off task book completion if:

  • it is evident to you that tasks could have been completed, but have not been
  • 80 per cent completion has not been achieved.
Last updated: 14 November 2022