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Sea service letter for international seafarers

This sea service letter template can be used to confirm the sea service you have completed for your certificate.

Details in each letter must include:

  • Position held aboard, duties performed and dates signed on and off each ship.
  • Name of ship.
  • IMO number
  • Vessel specific information (see below)

Vessel specific information

Include the following:

  • For deck officer and deck rating applications provide the vessel’s gross tonnage.
  • For engineer officer and engine room rating applications, provide the total propulsion power in kilowatts.
  • For engineer officer applications provide the propulsion type (motor, steam or other (specify)).
  • Ship type:
    • Oil tanker (OT)
    • Gas carrier (GC)
    • Chemical tanker (CT)
    • Offshore service vessel (OSV)
    • Mobile offshore drilling unit or floating petroleum storage offtake (MODU)
    • Special purpose ship (including Royal Australian Navy ships) (SPS)
    • High speed passenger craft (HSPC)
    • High speed cargo craft (HSCC)
    • Fishing vessels (FV)
    • Other type of ship (other)
  • Continued competence in sea survival and firefighting and/or fast rescue boat (for revalidation only for master, deck and engineer officers and ratings).
  • For deck officers only: that the ship was fitted with a full GMDSS station and that the applicant operated it on a regular basis.
  • For engineer officers: copies of sea service testimonials (for initial issue only).

Note: Sea-time letters obtained from ships will not be accepted.


Australian Maritime Safety Authority
Last updated: 18 July 2023