Fees for STCW course delivery approval—MT06

We charge fees for evaluating and approving courses that are delivered by Registered training organisations.

Before making a submission, Registered training organisations should align their submission with the following:

This will assist with our approval process and reduce unnecessary costs and time delays to the training provider.

Pay required fees

Registered training organisations should contact us for an estimate of the cost before making a submission.

We will not commence any work on the submission until payment is received. We may request additional funds if the submission is complex and requires extra work.

Payment methods should be either by:

  • Bank draft/cheque made payable to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. Please write the Registered training organisation's name and reason for payment on the back of bank draft / cheque
  • Credit card—VISA or Mastercard only. Please complete the Credit card payment authorisation form 161 and write on the form the details of the course(s) requiring approval.

Submit the form 

The submission, in electronic format, together with the fee(s) should be sent to:

Postal address

Australian Maritime Safety Authority
The Manager
Seafarer Certification Service
GPO Box 2181
Canberra ACT 2601

Courier address

Australian Maritime Safety Authority
Seafarer Certification Service
82 Northbourne Avenue
Braddon ACT 2612

Please allow up to 56 days for the submission to be assessed.

Last updated: 

Tuesday 27 October 2020