Restricted Pilot Licence

The criteria for issue to a person of a restricted pilot licence, for a stated pilotage area and a stated draught limit, are that the person: 

(a)  holds a trainee pilot licence; and 

(b)  holds a Certificate of Medical Fitness; and 

(c)  has satisfactorily completed all of the following: 

      (i)  an approved pilotage training course; 

      (ii)  a competency assessment; 

      (iii)  a written examination conducted by AMSA;      

      (iv)  a fatigue management training course approved by AMSA; 

      (v)  if required by AMSA — an oral examination approved by AMSA. 

Note 1  Information about approved programs of training, competency assessments and fatigue management training courses, is available on AMSA’s website at

Last updated: 14 July 2022