Alternative fatigue risk management plan application process

Marine Order 54 requires a pilotage provider to comply with either the fatigue risk management plan published by AMSA, or this alternate fatigue risk management plan.
AMSA 494
1 January 2013

To assess any pilotage provider’s application to work an alternate fatigue risk management plan (FRMP), a comprehensive review of the proposed FRMP and the provider’s overall Fatigue Risk Management System is required.

The main tasks carried out as part of this review include:

  1. Review of relevant organisational and operational documents.
  2. Review of relevant training and training records. 
  3. Review of existing and proposed roster(s), system to document actual hours of work. 
  4. Development and provision of a detailed response letter with specified conclusions about:
    1. The differences between the FRMP published by AMSA and the proposed alternate one.
    2. The likely increase in fatigue-related risk exposures and the adequacy of risk treatments to manage them.

Read the full detail in the attached document.


Australian Maritime Safety Authority
Last updated: 4 August 2020