Maritime safety information

We provide vessels with maritime safety information (MSI) about hazards and foreseeable dangers to safe navigation through Australia's marine environment.

As the NAVAREA X coordinator, we provide MSI via the Inmarsat SafetyNET system.

MSI is designed to give mariners information relating to:

  • navigational safety warnings
  • meteorological warnings
  • meteorological forecasts relevant to vessels within specified coastal areas
  • search and rescue information
  • other urgent safety related messages.

In Australia, MSI is provided via long range warnings (NAVAREA X and METAREA X warnings) and coastal warnings (AUSCOAST warnings, sea safety messages, and coastal wind warnings).

AUSCOAST warnings are broadcast to the relevant coastal areas.

This diagram depicts the areas and range for coastal navigation warnings on SafetyNET for the Pacific and Indian Ocean region satellites.

Areas for coastal navigation warnings on SafetyNET from Pacific and Indian Ocean region satellites
Areas for coastal navigation warnings on SafetyNET from Pacific and Indian Ocean region satellites

Many MSI warnings are temporary. Others may remain relevant for several weeks and may be superseded by notices to mariners.

A summary of all NAVAREA X and AUSCOAST warnings currently in force are issued on a weekly basis on Thursday at 0000hrs UTC.

Weather services

As well as the SafetyNET service the Bureau of Meteorology, as METAREA X coordinator, provides the weather component of MSI through the Kordia Solutions Pty Ltd network, employing HF voice broadcasts through sites at Wiluna, WA and Charleville, QLD. This service is primarily provided for small craft.

Broadcasts are made on a number of different frequencies from both sites and are optimised for the time of day. Details of the frequencies and broadcasts are available from the Bureau of Meteorology and the Admiralty List of Radio Signals Volume 3 Part 2.

The coastal weather services broadcasts from each station cover different coastal areas. Read more from the Bureau of Meteorology.

How to receive maritime safety information

To obtain the latest MSI you can search the maritime safety information (MSI) database and send the search results to your email.

The primary method for promulgation of maritime safety information in NAVAREA X is SafetyNET. It is the responsibility of masters to ensure their INMARSAT-C EGC receivers are correctly configured, even while in port (if needed), to receive maritime safety information for NAVAREA X and the coastal warning areas appropriate to their intended voyage.

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Thursday 30 July 2020