Why wear a lifejacket?

Lifejackets save lives

Your lifejacket will only save your life if you have it on.

When accidents happen, there’s rarely time to put on a lifejacket. Add into the mix swell, shock, fatigue and treading water until rescue arrives—the benefits of wearing a lifejacket become clear. Wearing a lifejacket significantly improves the timeframe for survival for people in almost every situation.

With the range of lifejackets on the market you can be comfortable and safe on the water. We encourage you to think about the lifejacket you need for your operation and find a style that suits you.   

How to wear a lifejacket

Here are a few tips on lifejacket wear to ensure your lifejacket fits and can save your life.

  • Secure all zippers, snaps, ties and straps on your lifejacket to make sure it fits you snugly. 
  • Follow any instructions from the manufacturer the first time you wear your jacket. 
  • Practice putting on your lifejacket until you are familiar with how it works. 
  • Keep your lifejacket handy - even when you're not wearing it - so you can put it on quickly and easily. 

If you find yourself in the water: 

  • position yourself in water up to your neck. 
  • lift your legs up and tilt your head back toward the water. 

Your mouth should not be in the water, and you should be floating without effort. 

Learn more about the legal requirements for lifejacket wear and maintenance in the National Standard for Commercial Vessels (NSCV).

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Last updated: 29 September 2023