Be prepared before your trip. Stay safe in the air.

When setting for the skies, it is important to ensure you have properly planned and are prepared for all circumstances.

Important safety tips for aviators

We have developed the following pre-flight, during, and post-flight precautionary safety checks to complete in preparation for each trip.

Pre-flight safety checks

If a registered civil or ultralight aircraft crashes, ditches, or goes missing, we have a national responsibility for coordinating the search and rescue (SAR) response. We encourage all pilots to ensure they are fully prepared for the possible emergency situations ahead.

The following precautionary measures ensure your safety as a pilot, and your passengers onboard, as well as assisting authorities to initiate a SAR response as soon as possible after being alerted of an emergency situation.

During an emergency situation

In the event of an emergency, a MAYDAY or PAN PAN call should be the first attempt of alerting authorities of a distress situation as verbal communications provide the most details related to the emergency and can result in an immediate response. If not operating on an ATS frequency, always have the area or overlying airspace frequency set for immediate use.

Post-flight checks

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Last updated: 

Monday 2 December 2019