Salvage and wreck workshop

We hosted the second annual salvage and wreck workshop on 28 and 29 November 2017 at the National Maritime Museum in Sydney.

The workshop was well attended by delegates representing the international and domestic marine insurance industry, salvors, towage providers, maritime law firms, port authorities, and representatives from Commonwealth, state and Northern Territory marine safety agencies.

There were a number of high-calibre local and international speakers who shared their expertise in a diverse breadth of topics, including:

  • international liability and compensation regimes
  • the role of insurers and other third parties during incidents
  • government intervention during a maritime casualty incident
  • government expectations during an incident involving a maritime casualty
  • risk management and mitigation
  • salvage capability in Australia
  • the Nairobi Wreck Convention and the Australian context.

The workshop provided a rare opportunity for us to engage such a diverse group of professionals who would be critical partners and stakeholders in the event of a maritime casualty. Attendees provided very positive feedback regarding the workshop, including the relevancy of matters covered, the ability to network and forge relationships within the various industry sectors ahead of such an incident occurring.

Last updated: 28 October 2020