Trainee Pilot Licence

1. The criteria for the issue to a person of a trainee pilot licence are that the person: 

(a)  is entitled to work in Australia; and 

(b)  holds: 

     (i)  any of the following certificates issued by AMSA under the Navigation Act or under Marine Order 3 (Seagoing qualifications) 2004

 (A)  a certificate of competency as master of vessels of at least 3000 GT; 

 (B)  a certificate of recognition of a similar foreign certificate; or 

 (C)  a restricted certificate of recognition of a certificate or qualification that was issued because AMSA was satisfied the certificate or qualification was adequate for the duties or functions to be performed by a master of vessels of at least 3000 GT; or 

      (ii)  Royal Australian Navy qualifications in pilotage, navigation and seamanship that AMSA determines are a satisfactory equivalent; and 

(c)  holds a Certificate of Medical Fitness; and 

(d)  has satisfactorily completed an approved pilotage training course for trainee pilot induction within the four years before the application; and 

(e)  has completed, while holding a certificate mentioned in paragraph (b), at least 36 months of qualifying sea service as master, navigating officer in charge of a watch or pilot on vessels of at least 500 GT; and 

(f)  for the qualifying sea service mentioned in paragraph (e) — has completed 18 months of the service in the five years immediately before the person is being considered for eligibility to hold the licence. 

Note for paragraph (d) Information about approved pilotage training courses is available on AMSA’s website at

2. For paragraphs (1)(e) and (f), qualifying sea service is to be calculated in accordance with the rules for calculating qualifying sea service set out in Marine Order 70 (Seafarer certification) 2014, including the rules for discounting all or part of sea service. 

Last updated: 14 July 2022