Training for major oil spill on the Great Barrier Reef

Prevention from marine pollution is imperative to protect Australia’s unique marine environments and the livelihoods of thousands of Australians.

In accordance with the National Plan, this is one of our primary functions. AMSA takes a leading role in prevention and responding to pollution of the sea.

We hosted a training exercise in Cairns in May 2017 which simulated a major oil spill at sea.

The exercise took place on our emergency towage and first response vessel, the Coral Knight. The exercise included National Response Team representatives from state and territory maritime safety agencies, port authorities and environmental protection agencies.

The exercise was based on a fictitious oil spill. Teams were tasked with launching a clean-up operation which included skimming operations, the deployment of boom and performing manoeuvres with the Coral Knight to contain the spill.

Despite the inclement weather conditions and other operational challenges, the National Response Team successfully completed their mission to contain and recover the spill.

"This type of experience on a vessel like this—working with crew—is invaluable", AMSA Senior Advisor for Crisis Preparedness and Response, Andrew Griffiths commented.

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Tuesday 27 October 2020