Focused inspection campaign—passenger tender vessel safety (WA/NT only)

Advice to vessel owners and masters for the Focused Inspection Campaign (FIC) on passenger (class 1) vessel tenders in Western Australia and Northern Territory.
A passenger boat in the water

We are conducting a FIC on tender vessel safety requirements for domestic commercial vessels over the period 1 October 2022 to 30 May 2023.

The FIC will consist of inspections targeting safety requirements including safety equipment, certificates of operation, safety management systems, and UVI’s (refer to checklist below).

Inspection process

Marine inspectors will undertake these inspections in conjunction with normal Domestic Commercial Vessel (DCV) inspections or may conduct these as a standalone inspection. 

Where an inspector finds a deficiency in relation to the checklist, the inspector will discuss this with the person in charge of the DCV with a view to ensuring the vessel is brought into compliance.

Outcome of the FIC

The results of the FIC will be analysed, and a report prepared. This report will be published on the AMSA website.

Inspection checklist

Below is a sample of the focused inspection campaign checklist.

inspection checklist for Focused Inspection Campaign—passenger tender vessel safety

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Wednesday 30 August 2023