2021 monthly domestic commercial vessel incident reports

The information you provide in your incident report plays an important part in guiding the way we improve maritime safety for everybody on the water. By reporting marine incidents to us, you are also meeting your reporting obligations under Australian laws.

February 2021

There were 80 reported incidents involving domestic commercial vessels in February 2021. Of these, 21 were serious and 1 very serious.

State Vessel type Incident
NSW Class 2 – Non-passenger Very serious: Rescue vessel made contact with person overboard.
QLD Class 3 – Fishing Vessel grounded after being left on autopilot while crew slept. No injuries. Damage unknown.
WA Class 2 – Non-passenger Crew member slipped and fell overboard. Lifejacket inflated and crew made it back onboard unassisted. No injuries reported.
NSW Class 1 – Passenger Crew member suffered an injured finger after getting caught between rope and bollard. Transferred to hospital for treatment.
QLD Class 1 - Passenger Vessel drove over soft sand, causing severe bumpy movement. Injury reported to one passenger. No damage reported.
NSW Class 4 – Hire ‘n’ drive Hirer fell overboard from houseboat while attempting to moor in a “no go” zone. Recused by another vessel close by. Transferred to hospital via ambulance from shore.
SA Class 3 – Fishing Vessel grounded on rocks after dragging anchor. Significant damage to hull reported.
VIC Class 2 – Non-Passenger Vessel engine caught fire following a mechanical failure. Emergency fire services called to assist. Significant damage to engine and surrounding mechanical equipment. Vessel inoperable. No injuries reported.
NSW Class 1 – Passenger Passenger received severe finger injury after being crushed between line and bollard. Rescue boat transferred passenger to shore for hospital treatment.
TAS Class 1 – Passenger Vessel made contact with submerged rock causing hull damage and minor flooding. No injuries reported.
TAS Class 1 – Passenger Passenger vessel grounded following loss of engine power. Passengers evacuated. No injuries reported.
WA Class 4 – Hire ‘N’ Drive Vessel drifted and grounded ashore following anchor shackle failure. Minor damage reported. No injuries reported.
NSW Class 4 – Hire ‘N’ Drive Vessel grounded on beach. Marine Rescue evacuated all onboard. No injuries or damage reported.
QLD Class 2 – Non-passenger Luxury yacht collided with a recreational vessel while under no power. Damage to vessels unknown.
SA Class 3 – Fishing Vessel ran aground resulting in hull damage. No flooding or pollution reported. No injuries reported. Investigation ongoing.
NSW Class 1 – Passenger Leak in starboard engine crankcase resulted in smoke. No fire reported. Fixed Fire Fighting System activated, and emergency services requested. No injuries reported.
NT Class 2 – Non-passenger Crew received an electric shock from fan extension lead draped over fire extinguisher bracket. Transferred to hospital by another crew member.
QLD Class 2 – Non-passenger Vessel made contact with a lateral marker causing minor damage to both. No injuries reported.
QLD Class 2 – Non-passenger Crew member’s finger was pinched while trying to retrieve anchor. Crew was wearing protective gloves at the time. Transferred to hospital, surgery required.
NT Class 2 – Non-passenger Vessel flooded following a failed hose clamp on deck wash intake. Vessel was also overloaded with passengers and additional fuel. Passengers evacuated to nearby shore. Cargo rescued from vessel. Two jerry cans lost. Helicopter called to retrieve crew and passengers. No injuries reported.
QLD Class 2 – Non-passenger Crew member overboard following large swell. Crew member was wearing a safety harness and was recovered quickly. Injuries sustained to ribs, back and lip. Transferred to hospital for treatment. Another crew member sustained minor injuries.
SA Class 2 – Non-passenger Vessel grounded on rocks while manoeuvring at night. Extent of damage unknown. No injuries reported.

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Tuesday 6 April 2021