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Checklist for livestock ships focused inspection campaign

AMSA surveyor’s will be using the checklist below when inspecting ships as part of our livestock ships focused inspection campaign.

Use this checklist to prepare for the inspection. Below is a sample of the focused inspection campaign checklist. 






Marine order 43 questions 

Is the Master aware of the weather forecast for the intended voyage?  




Are tanks, voids and pumps inspected and maintained as per the Documented Maintenance Program (DMP)?  




Where a drainage tank or well has an eductor or pump, is it capable of being powered by both the main and secondary source of power and operation demonstrated? 




Can crew demonstrate operational familiarity with restoring power if the secondary source of power fails to start automatically? 




Can livestock pens be effectively drained of fluids under any condition of trim or angle? 




Is the ventilation operating satisfactorily?  




Is the non-slip surface on the deck for pens, passageways and ramps satisfactory? 




Port State control questions 

Yes No N/A

Has the ship undergone thickness measurement gauging at the last special survey in accordance with the Classification Rules?  




Are all sewage effluents drained in accordance with MARPOL Annex IV?  





Has the ship been maintained after survey in accordance with SOLAS Chapter I, Reg 11?  





Is there evidence of a change to the structural arrangements without sanction by the Administration?  





Have accurate values been used for calculation of ship stability for the intended voyage?  





Are watertight doors, and remote indicators installed, under the freeboard deck functioning satisfactorily? 




Last updated: 22 February 2021