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Warning—unauthorised certification services on behalf of the Maritime Authority of Jamaica

We have become aware that an Australian-based individual is offering unauthorised registration and certification services with respect to the Jamaican Ship Registry.

Some vessels have been issued with registration documents and statutory certification purporting to be issued on behalf of Jamaica under the seal of 'International Yacht Consultants'. This includes Australian owned commercial ships, including large yachts (superyachts).
The Maritime Authority of Jamaica has advised that there are no authorised Australian-based representatives of the Jamaica Ship Register (JSR) who can issue certification on behalf of the Maritime Authority of Jamaica. 
Where vessel owners, operators and masters find that their vessel holds certification issued by a deputy registrar based in Australia purporting to represent JSR they should contact the JSR (and AMSA if the vessel is in Australian waters) as soon as practical.
For Australian owned ships, owners should be aware that if you are seeking to have vessels registered and certified for commercial operations, that they should be registered on the Australian General Shipping Register if they are 24 metres and over in tonnage length and/or undertaking international voyages. This will ensure that the vessel receives Australian protection on the high seas and in foreign ports.

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For details on requirements for the Australian registration and certification of ships or to report the suspected issue of certification by unauthorised individuals, please email sro@amsa.gov.au.

Last updated: 12 February 2020