We welcome your feedback on changes to NSCV C1.

Please submit your feedback by 24 April 2022. If you have a supporting file upload this using the function below. 

In preparing your submission, we are particularly interested in your views relating to:  

Readability - Is the new format easy to follow? Is the structure and layout logical? Is the content sufficiently detailed or overly complicated? 

Cost implications - If you were to construct a new vessel to these proposed new standards, do you think the cost be higher, lower or similar compared to the current edition of the NSCV C1 standards? 

Safety benefits - Does the proposed new standard improve the likelihood of increased safety outcomes? 

Risks - Does the new content concern you? Is the proposal practical and implementable?  

Gaps - Is there anything else you would like to see included in the new edition, in particular regarding new and emerging technology? If so, please indicate where in the standard it would best fit.