Exemption 21—Marine Safety (Operator vehicular ferry-in-chains)

Under the changes to MO505, individuals can no longer apply for the Ferry-In-Chains Exemption 21.

Individuals wishing to operate a Ferry-In-Chains are now required to apply for the Ferry-In-Chains endorsement. This endorsement can be added to a new or existing certificate of competency.

Persons who hold a current Ferry-In-Chains exemption can continue to operate under the exemption up to the expiry date outlined on the exemption document issued. 

What this exemption allows current Exemption 21 holders to do

Exemption 21 lets existing holders perform the duties of master on a vehicular ferry-in-chains attached to the shore by cable without a certificate of competency.

Additional restrictions may have been imposed on operations depending on the condition of the waters the holder is operating in.

What happens when Exemption 21 expires

Individuals that hold a current Exemption 21 will need to obtain a certificate of competency with a Ferry-In-Chains endorsement before their issued exemption expires. 

The simplest pathway to compliance for those that have a current recreational licence is to gain the Coxswain Grade 3 through the application form AMSA 426 and a Coxswain grade 3 NC Declaration form AMSA 1882 to show completion of the practical on- water tasks. 

Please note the Ferry-In-Chains endorsement will only be available to individuals in physical possession of an AMSA issued Coxswain Grade 3 Certificate of Competency card.

Legislation and incorporated material

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Australian Maritime Safety Authority
Last updated: 14 June 2023