Exemption 21—Marine Safety (Operator vehicular ferry-in-chains)

This exemption is relevant to people who work on or who want to work on a domestic commercial vessel without the required certificate of competency.

You can apply to us for this exemption by completing and submitting the Exemption application for operator vehicular ferry-in-chains (AMSA 787). 

What this exemption will allow you to do

Exemption 21 will let you perform the duties of master on a vehicular ferry-in-chains attached to the shore by cable without a certificate of competency.

To be eligible for Exemption 21, you must:

  • hold a recreational boating license recognised by a state or Territory marine safety agency
  • hold a first aid certificate recognised by us 
  • provide us with evidence that you have accrued at least 20 days on the job training.

We may impose additional restrictions on your operation depending on the condition of the waters you are operating in.

Legislation and incorporated material

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Last Updated: 

9 March 2023