Managing procurement complaints

AMSA has a fair, equitable and non-discriminatory procurement complaints handling process.

Lodging a complaint

Tenderers should raise any complaint in writing to the contact named in the request for tender documentation setting out:

  • your name, business name, address and telephone contact details
  • details of the tender
  • a statement as to what you consider was defective in the tendering process
  • copies of, or references to, evidence of information to support your view and
  • a statement as to what you wish to achieve from the complaint process.

Handling your complaint

The contact officer assigned to your complaint will acknowledge receipt of your complaint in writing. This person will also attempt to resolve the matter.

If we require further correspondence or information, you will be given no less than 10 working days to respond to any communication from AMSA unless the matter is urgent.

We will provide you with a response in writing within a reasonable timeframe, which will usually be within 20 working days of receiving all necessary correspondence and information relating to the complaint.

Review process

If you are not satisfied with AMSA’s handling of your complaint, there may be other courses of action available for you to consider. These may include:

  • seeking an independent internal departmental review of the complaint, or
  • an external option such as approaching the Commonwealth Ombudsman or the Department of Finance’s Procurement Coordinator.

Note: Contractual disputes will be managed in accordance with the contract not through the procurement complaint process.

Last updated: 

Monday 26 October 2020