Dr Rosalie Balkin AO

Dr Rosalie Balkin was appointed to the AMSA Board on 21 November 2018 for a three year term.

Dr Balkin is former Director of Legal Affairs and External Relations at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) (London). While she held this position she also served as Secretary of IMO's Legal Committee and for a time also as IMO's Assistant Secretary-General. We asked Dr Balkin for her advice to women who are interested in joining the maritime industry.

rosalie balkinThe maritime industry has come a long way in terms of gender equality. Today there are many more women occupying key positions than in previous generations and it is no longer a rarity to see women in boardrooms or, as in my particular sphere, as heads of delegations at international meetings or as heads of sections in International Organisations. Complete parity with male counterparts still, however, remains to be achieved.

Despite this, the maritime industry, with all its diverse career opportunities, is an exciting field for women to work in. There are so many different avenues that women can pursue-through government, through industry, through international organisations. Often involvement in one of these can lead to a parallel career in another. So, for example, working in government can, as it has done for me and many other women, lead to an exciting career at an intergovernmental organization.

My message to those women aspiring to a career in the industry is to obtain as many qualifications as you can and go fearlessly after the openings. You will never regret it.

Last updated: 7 September 2020