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Revalidate certificate

Revalidate certificate

What do I need to do?

To revalidate your certificate, you need to:

Provide proof of medical fitness

You will need to provide evidence that you are medically fit to perform duties in the capacity of a Marine Cook. As per Marine Order 76 (Health—medical fitness) 2017 you can only perform the duties of a seafarer on a relevant vessel if you are medically fit.

To revalidate your current certificate you will need an AMSA medical completed on form 303. If this form is completed outside Australia it must be completed in a country that holds an agreement with us.

In Australia you can organise a medical examination by contacting Sonic HealthPlus. To book a medical examination, you can:

Obtain a Certificate of medical fitness from overseas

We will accept a Certificate of medical fitness completed in a country we have an agreement with for revalidation purposes.

You will need to print the relevant medical paperwork (Medical examination report form 232 and Certificate of medical fitness from 303) and make an appointment with a medical examiner. The medical examiner must be approved by the administration of the country which has an agreement with us.

Read more about medical fitness.

Provide evidence of sea service

You will need to provide evidence that you have completed sea service performing functions for your current certificate for either:

  • at least three months sea service performing cooking duties in the last five years


  • performed cooking duties or functions at least equivalent to the sea service for at least three months in the previous five years.

All submitted sea service must be documented qualifying sea service. Read more about sea service.

Hold valid certification

You will need to hold the following valid certificates:

Certificate of Safety Training endorsed with Security Awareness Training

Please note that Security Awareness Training only needs to be completed once in a seafarer’s career and does not need to be repeated.

How do I apply?

You will need to lodge a formal application using the Seafarer form 419 to be assessed towards the requirements for a Marine cook certificate of proficiency.

Lodge from within Australia

You will need to fill out the Seafarer form 419, attach all required supporting documents and lodge it at a participating Australia Post retail outlet.

You will need to pay the fees for your application at the post office at the time of lodgement.

Lodge from overseas

You will need to fill out the Seafarer form 419, attach all required supporting documents including a colour passport-style photograph and send the paperwork to us by email to When we receive your email we will let you know how to pay the fee for your application via AMSA online portal.