Sheltered waters 

The following Near Coastal certificates of competency are no longer restricted to sheltered waters, regardless of where the sea service was undertaken: 

  • Coxswain Grade 1
  • Master <24m 
  • Master <45m 
  • Master <100m 
  • Engineer Class 3  
  • Marine Engine Driver Grades 1 
  • Marine Engine Driver Grades 2 
  • Marine Engine Driver Grades 3 

If you hold one of these certificates of competency, the printed restriction will have no legal basis from 1 January 2023 and will be removed when you apply to renew your certificate of competency. 

Duties and functions of Master <24m 

From 1 January 2023, holders of a Master <24m certificate of competency may act as a chief mate on a vessel <45m to the EEZ and act as a deck watchkeeper on a vessel <100m and <3000GT within the EEZ. You can also act as a chief mate on a vessel <100m <3000GT within inshore waters and undertake the duties and functions of a General Purpose Hand and Master Inland waters. 

Changes to MED certificates of competency 

  • For new applications there are no longer sea service reductions when applying for MED 2 with a Coxswain or MED 3 certificate of competency.  
  • You must hold an MED 2 certificate of competency or have completed a workshop skills equivalent to be eligible for a MED 1 certificate of competency. 
  • MED 3 with a restriction to outboard motors will no longer be issued