Induction and training

Key to managing  risks on board construction barges is ensuring everyone understands the hazards onboard. Working on the water presents  risks and all persons on board a construction barge need to understand the risks and how to safely carry out their assigned duties and respond rapidly and effectively in the event of an emergency.  

It is a requirement that crew and workers unfamiliar with the operation are inducted and trained so they are fully aware of their requirements and safety procedures in place before they start work.   

Practicing emergency drills demonstrate that everyone knows where critical safety equipment is located and their role in the vessel’s emergency plan. For instance do your crew know where your fire safety equipment is and how to use it? Have a plan and practice it regularly - fast action combined with a cool head are critical in fighting vessel fires, as they can spread rapidly. 

You need to record the induction and training within your safety management system, ensuing that it is signed off by those who have undertaken training. 

Keeping a record of certain things such as inductions, training, reporting and investigation of safety concerns, and updates to risks and how you manage them shows your commitment to actively identifying opportunities to improve safety.  Remember it is one thing to have good safety management system documentation, but it is only of limited value if it is not put into practice.