Consultation feedback report—simplified equipment lists for small fishing vessels

Streamlined equipment lists for non-survey fishing vessels operating within 2 nautical miles of land in specified warm waters and in beach fisheries within 200 metres of land.
31 March 2021

In consultation with the fishing industry, AMSA has implemented two streamlined safety equipment lists for non-survey commercial fishing vessels, up to 12 metres in length, operating:

  • within 200 metres from land in any waters nationally, and
  • within two nautical miles from land in specified warm waters.

These lists are published on our website and commenced on 1 March 2021. Operators will not need to apply.

These lists have been implemented following a risk assessment of these lower risk fishing operations, as well as submissions received during industry consultation over a three month period in 2020. During this period AMSA received a total of 121 written submissions, in addition to verbal submissions received during consultation workshops.

Most submitters who provided comment, mainly fishers who would be directly impacted, strongly supported the proposed equipment lists. However some stakeholders suggested changes were required to both lists so that they apply to more operations. AMSA appreciates the time and effort made by all stakeholders who made a submission. The feedback provided has been taken on board in determining the changes that should be made in response to feedback received during consultation.

The arrangements will be reviewed against incident and compliance data over the coming months and if satisfactory, the streamlined requirements may be implemented permanently in the safety equipment standards which are currently under review. If this occurs, the arrangements will then be available to fishing vessels that are in survey undertaking these kinds of fishing operations.

Last Updated: 

4 April 2023