Since 2016 fishing vessels have been required to gradually comply with modern commercial safety equipment requirements. 

Over the past 18 months AMSA has received feedback from fishing vessel operators that the safety equipment requirements for small fishing vessels operating close to land do not reflect the risks of their operations and are impractical to apply. 

We listened to local feedback and industry concerns regarding safety equipment lists for vessels operating in warm waters.  

We considered the risks of fishing vessel operations being conducted in specific warm waters and surrounding areas. Based on this information, and a thorough assessment of the safety risks, we determined that these vessels can operate safely with fewer pieces of equipment. 

We will closely monitor how this new arrangement works over the coming months. In future we may consider expanding the arrangements to other vessels and other operational areas where a risk-based approach supports change. 

These changes will not cost industry anything and is expected to result in a cost saving for vessels operating in warm waters within 2 nautical miles of land.

Read the consultation feedback report.