Assessment of overseas qualifications for the purposes of a migration application


You can use this form below to  assess the following skilled occupations for the purpose of migration applications:

  • your overseas Master Unlimited (STCW Regs II/2) STCW certificate  
  • your overseas Chief Mate Unlimited (STCW Regs II/2) STCW certificate 
  • your overseas Deck Watchkeeper Unlimited (STCW Regs II/1) STCW certificate 
  • your overseas Chief Engineer Unlimited (STCW Regs III/2) STCW certificate  
  • your overseas Second  Engineer Unlimited (STCW Regs III/2) STCW certificate  
  • your overseas  Engineer Watchkeeper Unlimited (STCW Regs III/1) STCW certificate  
  • your overseas  Marine Surveyor qualification 

Eligibility criteria 

The Australian Government introduces reforms for skilled migration as and when required. The most recent update to the combined list of eligible skilled occupations can be found on the Department of Home Affairs  webpage which lists eligible skilled occupations.

AMSA is the nominated Assessing Authority for Ship’s Master ANZSCO code 231213, Ship's Engineer ANZSCO code 231212, Ship's Officer ANZSCO code 231214 and  Marine Surveyor ANZSCO code 231215.

Some visa classes have caveats, please check the skilled occupation list for  details.

The role of Marine Surveyor is to survey machines and hulls of ships to ensure they are constructed, equipped and maintained according to safety standards, rules and regulations laid down by marine authorities.

The assessment of a marine surveyor qualification, skills and experience for the purpose of an application for skilled migration to Australia is based on, and supported by scanned certified documents related to the competence criteria for Port State Control Inspector or International Association of Classification Societies Ltd (IACS) surveyor.

The details of the visa assessment process following AMSA assessment may be found on the Department of Home Affairs website .

Please note that a successful migration skills assessment by AMSA does not guarantee that you will be issued with a working visa by the Department of Home Affairs, nor does it guarantee you employment on an Australian registered vessel or as a Port State Control Inspector or Class Society surveyor in Australia.

Submitting the form 

Please forward the completed application AMSA Form 12 by email and include:

  1. the application AMSA Form 12
  2. certified copies of original shipping company letters testifying sea service or experience of at least 8 years after completion of a formal qualification as a Ship’s Masters or Ship's Engineer or Naval Architect.
  3. certified true copies of supporting documents

Once AMSA has received a complete application and all requirements are met please allow 3 months for your application to be assessed.

Send the paperwork to us by email to When we receive your email we will let you know how to pay the  fee for your application via the AMSA online portal. The required fee is on the schedule of charges and must be paid in Australian dollars.

Last Updated: 

20 January 2023