AMSA 1857

Fuel oil non-availability report (FONAR) for entry into Australian waters


Use this form to make a fuel oil non-availability report (FONAR) as set out in Marine Order 97—Marine pollution prevention—air pollution.

You should use it if both the following apply: 

  • You are unable to obtain sulphur compliant fuel oil.
  • Your next port of destination is an Australian port.

Australian flagged vessels travelling internationally

For Australian flagged vessels unable to obtain compliant fuel oil where the next port of destination is not an Australian port, please use the FONAR template provided by the next port of destination. A copy of this FONAR must be sent to the Australian Competent Authority by email to

If a FONAR template is not available for the next port of destination use this form or the template provided in Appendix 1 of the IMO 2015 Guidelines for consistent implementation of the 0.50% sulphur limit under MARPOL Annex VI (resolution MEPC.320(74)).

All relevant fields must be adjusted to accurately reflect the country of the vessels next port of destination.


Submitting the form

Submit this form (with the name of the vessel included in the email subject line) to:

The Australian Competent Authority


Last updated: 10 November 2023