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Items you can order using this system

You can use the ordering system to purchase these items, or where links to PDFs are available available, download and print your own for free.

Record books and log books

Task books

  • AMSA 659—Coxswain grade 2 task book 
  • AMSA 708—Coxswain grade 1 task book 
  • AMSA 709—Master less than 24 metres task book 
  • AMSA 710—Master inland waters task book 
  • AMSA 711—Master less than 45 metres task book 
  • AMSA 712—Master less than 100 metres near coastal task book 
  • AMSA 713—Marine engine driver grade 3 task book 
  • AMSA 714—Marine engine driver grade 2 task book 
  • AMSA 715—Marine engine driver grade 1 task book 
  • AMSA 716—Engineer class 3 task book 

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Last updated: 18 December 2023