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Books available to purchase using the below order form

    Record books and log books

    • AMSA 227—Cargo record book A$4
    • AMSA 228—Oil record book part 1 A$4
    • AMSA 229—Oil record book part 2 A$4
    • AMSA 230—Garbage record book part 1—all ships except those carrying solid bulk cargoes A$4
    • AMSA 198—Garbage record book part 1 and part 2—ships that carry solid bulk cargoes A$4 (available soon)
    • AMSA 143—Record of service—a ship's record not a seafarer's record A$20
    • AMSA 357—Material handling equipment A$4.50
    • AMSA 361—Official log book A$11

    Task books

    • AMSA 659—Coxswain grade 2 task book A$20
    • AMSA 708—Coxswain grade 1 task book A$20
    • AMSA 709—Master less than 24 metres task book A$20
    • AMSA 710—Master inland waters task book A$20
    • AMSA 711—Master less than 35 metres task book A$20
    • AMSA 712—Master less than 80 metres near coastal task book A$20
    • AMSA 713—Marine engine driver grade 3 task book A$20
    • AMSA 714—Marine engine driver grade 2 task book A$20
    • AMSA 715—Marine engine driver grade 1 task book A$20
    • AMSA 716—Engineer class 3 task book A$20

    Other products available directly from AMSA

    Products available at no charge

    Use our non-chargeable publications order form to request brochures, MARPOL placards and stickers—at no charge.

    Handbooks and GMDSS radio log books

    These products are not yet available to purchase through our online ordering system.

    Use our chargeable publications order form to purchase GMDSS radio log books, the GMDSS handbook, or the Dangerous, hazardous and harmful cargoes handbook.

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    15 October 2018